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Selling Real Estate

Seller Guide

Allow us to assist you with prioritizing what needs to be done with respect to getting your home ready for sale. To begin, here are some steps of the process for you to get familiar with.

I. – Preparation

  • Staging: The right staging of furniture can really help showcase your home so that all prospective buyer sees its true potential. Staging for sale may not be the way you live in your home, but it can be helpful for buyers. Also, be sure to remedy any deferred maintenance items. Fresh paint, cleaning your carpets or any other of the like will give the impression you want to all prospective buyers.
  • Curb Appeal: The exterior is the first thing and last thing that all who visit your home will see. Clean lobbies or foyers and well-landscaped yards, gardens and front stoops are the kinds of things that everyone will be seeing. A good first impression goes a long way and is the image they will take with them when they leave.
  • Pricing it Right: Pricing a home is not always simple as it’s based on many things like active comps, sold comps and of course location and condition. We will help you with providing data on comparables as well as a professional opinion on your particular home’s desirable attributes so that you can arrive at the most appropriate price to go to the market with. The right price initially is important as most of the traffic seen on a listing is within the first couple of weeks of it hitting the market.

II. – On the Market

  • Keep it Clean: Cleaning and staging are not just for the photography that we will take before we list the home on the market. We typically will plan on having broker and public open houses as well as showings throughout the time it is on the market making sure it is in pristine condition will help showcase it in its best light.

III. – Prepare to Move

  • Offer and closing: Once you have accepted an offer and your buyer has conducted a satisfactory inspection then you officially enter contract. At this point, a deal typically gets solidified enough where you can then begin moving forward with your packing and planning for your own move. Be sure that you leave the home completely clear of belongings and in clean condition for when the buyer conducts their walk-through just before closing day.

Do you have additional questions? Let our expertise and resources be of assistance to you. From painters to movers, we can connect you with other professionals that you may need in this process and help you get best prepared for a smooth and successful transaction.